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Middle Market Value Growth

Middle Market Issues

By some estimates, as many as 90% of companies that approach a transaction intermediary, hoping to sell their businesses, are turned away for not being “market ready”, with no substantive direction as to how they can become market-ready.  Furthermore, of the companies that are taken to market, only about a third of them ultimately sell at the value, and on the terms, that they expected at the outset.  The rest end up disappointed when their deals either fall apart in due diligence or when they are pressed into making concessions in order to close their transactions.  It’s an inefficient process that, most often, fails to serve the needs of business owners, or the many professionals who rely on a robust market for their professional success.

How are we addressing the Issue?

The Alliance is expanding its advisor base to include highly qualified business growth advisory professionals of all types.  We are establishing a national network of highly experienced advisors, from a broad spectrum of functional disciplines, to form the ecosystem into which the transaction advisors can refer the companies that are not market-ready.  We are also establishing standardized processes to ensure that referred companies are managed in a highly competent and consistent manner, and returned to the referring transaction advisors when ready for market.  Collaboration for the benefit of all!

The Opportunity

The Alliance needs professionals from all disciplines who can bring value to companies during their journeys to becoming market-ready.  Whether you are interested in being an engagement leader on clients who are referred into the network, or participating in engagements by providing niche services, we need you in The Alliance network.  There are also many ways to become part of the leadership group, including serving on one of a variety of committees.

Next Steps

If you are interested in becoming more involved in The Alliance in becoming a leader in the value growth advisory group, please contact either The Alliance or Ken Sanginario. We look forward to your involvement.

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