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If the middle market were a country, its GDP would rank it as the fourth-largest economy in the world, just behind Japan’s.* Comprised of over 300,000 companies with sales between $5 million and $500 million, the middle market provides a third of all private sector GDP and jobs, making it the true engine of American economic development and growth.

Yet, the marketplace has primarily focused its attention and resources on businesses at either end of the spectrum: very small, “mom and pop” style businesses or big, multi-billion dollar businesses. While it is a vital part of our economy, the middle market is often largely ignored and under served by the popular media, educators, and lawmakers.

Seeing a lack of recognition for leaders in this sector, in 2009, the Alliance of M&A Advisors (The Alliance) instituted the Middle Market Thought Leader of the Year award to honor individuals in the Private Middle Market Financial Community who create and advocate new ideas that add value to the marketplace, through the publication of works that promote research and higher standards of excellence. Furthermore, these contributions add to the body of knowledge serving as a solid foundation for The Alliance’s education and credentialing programs.

*National Center for the Middle Market, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University

2017 Thought Leader of the Year Winner
David H. Crean, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Objective Capital Partners

David H. Crean, Ph.D, Managing Director, Objective Capital Partners
David’s thought leadership is materially expanding the investment banker’s role in serving life sciences companies and provide these companies with a highly attractive, non-diluting alternative to hard-to-secure venture capital.

The Alliance has partnered with BKD to recognize the 2018 Middle Market Thought Leader of the Year.


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