Member Benefit Review Committee

What is it?

The Member Benefit Review Committee will be primarily responsible for identifying new potential Member Benefit partners, and evaluating existing platforms, software, and resources via a peer review system. Each potential benefit will be evaluated by committee members in the area of expertise most closely related to that benefit.

Alliance Membership Disciplines
· Accountant/CPA
· Attorney
· Business Valuator
· Consultant – Value/Growth
· Corporate Development/M&A
· Financial Advisor
· Investment Banker/Broker Dealer
· Info Services/ Technology Specialist
· Lender
· M&A Intermediary
· Private Equity Investor


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for formulating strategies and standards of practice that will be used for attracting prospective Members, and recommending a comprehensive strategy for Membership retention and involvement. This could range from creating incentive programs for recruiting, to mentoring programs for new Members, or even to developing a peer rating system for our existing Members.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for sourcing and generating additional funds and resources for The Alliance through corporate sponsorships, both for national and local events. This could also include identifying key targets that should be approached, utilizing personal business marketing resources to increase awareness of Alliance events, and reaching out to contacts that may be a good fit.

Certification Committee

The Certification Committee is responsible for continual development, implementation, regulation, and evaluation of the Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA) designation. The Committee plays a defining role in the continued growth of the program and ensures the educational content of the training course is practical, relevant, and up-to-date. The Alliance staff will handle the coordination of the actual training events.

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing educational and networking content for conferences for Members and prospective Members each year. Two conferences occur annually.

Standards & Ethics Committee

The Standards & Ethics Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining standards and ethics for the Association and its Members. The committee protects and enforces the adherence to The Alliance’s ethical standards by all Members, whether they hold the CM&AA or not.

Resources & Technology Committee

The Resources & Technology Committee is responsible for communicating with The Alliance Staff on website development and maintenance. The Committee will help to create and manage an online community within the Association, ultimately driving Members to use the site daily. The Committee should be industry experts, able to manage and drive discussion forums and share content-specific knowledge with Members on a regular basis.

Marketing & Branding Committee

The Marketing & Branding Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the integrity of The Alliance brand. This includes, but is not limited to logo usage, designation usage, regional Alliance Chapter identities, typeface, event collateral, and mission and branding statements. The Committee is also responsible for sourcing ideas for new Membership marketing campaigns and outreach.

International Committee

The International Committee is responsible for expanding the jurisdiction of The Alliance to further involve international Members, develop best practices for international M&A, and increase international Membership. The Committee will serve as a resource for those seeking to begin international transactions.

Licensure Task Force

The purpose of the Licensure Task Force is to investigate the licensure requirements for M&A work within the jurisdictions of the Members of the AM&AA. Within the United States, this will include an examination of state and federal licensure requirements, as well as any significant variances that may be discovered within municipal statues. The investigation will include requirements for sale of a business or business segment, acquisition, or capital sourcing engagements. Information obtained through AM&AA Members and other industry sources will be used to guide the task force to appropriate authority within state and federal statute and regulatory agencies.


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