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Growing Your Pipeline and Your Business with Avention

May 7, 2015
Learn about how Avention can be used to not only perform research and find insights for your clients, but how you can use Avention to find new clients and engagements.  We will walk through building a list for mailing or emailing purposes, finding new company targets, and setting email alerts to be notified when a new target is added to your list.

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The New Avention Application - New Features,
More Data, and Easier to Use

April 2, 2015
The new award-winning Avention Application combines the in-depth research capabilities of Business Browser and the sales and marketing tools and data of iSell. In this Webinar we'll cover some of the new data available like email addresses, spending & financial risk reports, and competitor reports as well as new ways to build lists via our proprietary Business Signals. If you are looking for new acquisition targets, need to do additional marketing for your business, or have to research and build comparable company reports as part of your research efforts you should attend this Webinar. Avention will help you reduce research time and find hard to reach information.

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Webinar on M&A Broker No Action Letter with

SEC Trading and Markets Chief Counsel, David Blass

This no-action letter represents a major victory after six years of efforts by the Campaign for Clarity, started by AM&AA with an industry coalition including IBBA, M&A Source, and 15 regional associations. The Campaign seeks to clarify and simplify the complex, overlapping and unduly burdensome federal securities broker-dealer regulations that impact buyers and sellers of privately held businesses, and the professionals who seek to assist them.
Webinar recording is no longer available

AMAA SEC MA Broker No-action Letter Webinar (2014-03-17pm).pdf

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